Today Enterprises face stiff competition. The markets are fastly changing and so are the customer demands. Customers want the best products with more features within a short time period at a least price. In these scenarios, The success of the company depends upon how well it is planning & managing its resources viz, man, money, machine, material resources effectively.

Equipped with best in class infrastructure, domain and technical experts Ciem-Tec offers end to end ERP Services. We provide consulting, implementing, integration services for all ERP packages including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, as well as our own industry-specific solutions.

For many companies, Ciem-Tec provides business and application expertise to support an organization's global or domestic ERP implementation, by designing new processes, optimizing current ones, managing complex implementation projects, providing user support and training, and keeping the complex ERP system landscape up and running 24/7. In addition, we optimize the use of all ERP products implemented in a cost-effective manner, contributing to the overall Company's success.