Manufacturing companies whether process or discreet need to be sustainable and ready for the future. As of now, these companies are facing the biggest challenges in the business environment. These are buyers markets and the customers today want the best quality product at the least price in a shorter time

Supply and value chains are becoming not only global, but increasingly complicated to manage. The times are for agile manufacturing, smart & distributed factories, integrated supply chain systems, increased suppliers, larger customers and global markets..

Only the companies who adopt to the new technologies and automate their processes can sustain in this fierce competitive environment.

At Ciem-Tec we completely understand this situation and employed the best experts both on domain and technical fronts. We understand you business processes, challenges and can provide you the right solutions to help you achieve your Business Success.

We provide the services to automate all of your business functions viz, Inventory management , manufacturing, production planning, master scheduling, capacity utilization, and others


  • Domain experts
  • Technical Experts
  • Secure and compliant
  • Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid
  • Save time and/or money
  • Deep industry experience